Thailand Tech Startup Association Makes Debut

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The Thailand Tech Startup Association has made its official debut in order to build a strong community of tech entrepreneurs in Thailand.

The group, representing Thailand’s front-line of tech startup entrepreneurs, announced the establishment of the “Business Association for the Promotion of New Technology Entrepreneurs”—which was given the official English name “Thailand Tech Startup Association”—in order to help develop new entrepreneurs in the technology field and build a stable community.

The Thailand Tech Startup Association was officially launched on May 23, 2014 by a meeting of ten of the top tech startup entrepreneurs in Thailand with three stated objectives:

  • Unite the tech startups in Thailand with a strong community.
  • Drive the improvement of the quality in the startup community to link and coordinate with all groups of entrepreneurs, media, investors, and government.
  • Accelerate: Help the development of new entrepreneurs in the tech sector build growth up to a universal standard.

Tech startups have a central role in this age of the creative economy. Aside from creative thinking, technology is the force that propels business in the modern age. With a different business model, the market expands and causes more changes to society. Today, the tech startups in Thailand are growing and attracting attention in the region. Therefore an association of tech entrepreneurs helps to share changes in knowledge and form connections with various institutions. This will cause a big jump in the development of the industry. It’s not necessary to be a Silicon Valley to strengthen the entrepreneurs and software developers of Thailand in order to take advantage of opportunities in the Southeast Asian region.

Here is how the Thailand Tech Startup Association plans to carry out their three main objectives:


Unite startup company founders by coming together to join hands and cooperate in forming a unified community. The principal activities consist of building a database, inviting startup company founders to join together, launching a platform for new projects, and building activities that create opportunities for a group of startup companies to work together and form a solid network.


Become a mouthpiece, a leader, and find ways to get around obstacles to growth of the startup community. Bring together and coordinate with all groups of entrepreneurs, media, and investors of the public and private sectors. The principal activities are research into the startup ecosystem in Thailand, being an agent for the startup community both inside and outside Thailand, proposing methods and strategies, launching a new framework to benefit tech startups, helping within the startup community, and coordinating an alliance with government and private agencies in order for integrated growth of the startup community.


Aid the development of new entrepreneurs in the technology field and entrepreneurship up to an international level. The principal activities are supporting the scale and amount of accelerators and business incubators for technology startup entrepreneurs in Thailand, promoting the growth of a community of angel investors, supporting a set of quality schools and centers for teaching coding and design, and training to improve the quality of entrepreneurs in the design field.

For more information, you can contact the Thailand Tech Startup Association at:







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