BOI approves “Seven-Year Investment Strategy” Special investment incentives offered for SMEs


BOI approves “Seven-Year Investment Strategy” Special investment incentives offered for SMEs The Board of Investment (BOI) has approved its “Seven-Year Investment Strategy” (2015-2021), with a focus on promoting investments that create value for Thailand and those that have a positive impact on society and the environment. Measures were also approved to upgrade Thai SMEs’ capability. […]

5 Myths on Operating a Business in an Emerging Country


The developing countries, like Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Burma are still rising, but that does not make them the potential markets for many types of business. These developing countries are providing many online and offline businesses opportunity to emerge and grow. Though, there are many mistruths about operating businesses in those countries. Here are the […]

65M +250 for GrabTaxi


UPDATE Dec 4. In a deal that blows the previous deal out of the water, GrabTaxi raised another $250,000,000 Series D round, just one month after the previous round of funding. The time between fundraising rounds is almost unprecedented, which makes me believe the previous round was reported some time after the ink was dry. […]

What Digital Nomads can Learn from the Immigration Raid at PunSpace

Dynamite Circle Thailand

Digital Nomads took to the interwebs two days ago to “live-blog” their experiences at a Chiang Mai co-working space. Immigration officials, along with police and military personnel, raided PunSpace catching a lot of these digital nomads working on their internet businesses. The laws in Thailand are often fuzzy and while no one at PunSpace went to jail […]

Ardent Raises Large Funding Round to Expand into Indonesia

Ardent capital

Ardent Capital, the venture capital firm that aims to develop and unite Southeast Asia’s fragmented ecommerce market, announced it closed a US$12.7 million investment led by Sinarmas, a major Indonesian conglomerate. Adrian Vanzyl the CEO of Ardent told us that the Ardent team will use the funding to: …Open an Indonesian office, and hire 20 […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Running a Company in Thailand


This article will summarize 7 points that are positive about running a company in Thailand, and a few suggestions for how it could be even better. 1. The recent Military Coup has brought stability to the country. Thai politics is a complicated affair and outside the scope of this post. However, oftentimes it is misportrayed […]

Building a Maker Ecosystem in Thailand at Maker Zoo


With the opening of Maker Zoo, Bangkok is soon to have dedicated maker space to drive the Maker Movement forward in Thailand. Set to launch officially by the end of August 2014, Maker Zoo has a room set up in Pah Creative Space and will also open an online store. The equipment on site includes […]