Siam Startup is run by the friendly eskimos at Studio IGLU, in Chiang Mai.

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What do we do?

Outsourcing - (for software companies)

We are a BOI approved company for business support. We provide outsourcing support to foreign companies. If you are looking to hire staff in Thailand, we help with that. We have Ruby, NodeJS, Java, .Net, WordPress, Joomla, PHP and other back end programmers, front end developers, and digital designers on staff.

Help with BOI Company (for software and e-commerce)

Sometimes the partner companies grow beyond our capability, and we help them set up a BOI company. We are familiar with the process having gone through it several times, and we provide an affordable alternative to expensive Bangkok lawyers (who are useful, but we help with simple BOI set up).

To learn more about BOI Company, why you would want to set up a BOI company in Thailand and how we can help you click here.

Accelerator / Venture Capital

We provide venture capital and human capital to the right companies. We look for scalable solutions to problems in Southeast Asia. Our preference is in SaaS or E-Commerce, transactional business models. However, we are open to hearing from all interested Applicants. Please click here to read more.

Startup Ecosystem

We want to foster and grow the budding startup ecosystem in Thailand. Have a look around our site to check out startup events in Thailand, search for a startup job in Thailand, read up on startup news in Thailand, or listen to investor podcasts, where we talk about venture capital in the Southeast Asia region. Don't miss any updates by following Siam Startup on Twitter and Facebook.

Looking for a job or help with any of the above?

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