700K Series A For Golfdigg

Intouch Holdings Public Company Limited (PCL), through its corporate venture capital arm InVent, has invested 23.84 million Thai Baht (US$674,000) in Bangkok-based golf course booking app startup Golfdigg, according to an official release today.

“This platform will help both Thai and international golfers by providing a convenient and simple way to book golf time slots, including a points collection for redeeming rewards such as merchandise and services,” said Bhurich Aksorntub, CEO and Co-founder of Golfdigg.

Golfdigg is the seventh company InVent has invested in. We’ve written about their support of the Thai startup ecosystem on several occasions before including their funding of Infinity levels game studio that pivoted from Dating application Avalable to make the app Hoof It.

Golfdigg is a “last minute golf deal” service & platform, providing deal finding, booking and payment online through Golfdigg smart phone application. The company claims that the “Last Minute Golf Deals that we provide are heavily discounted and may only be booked one day in advance.”

Golfdigg is a mobile golf booking service on iPhone and Android, currently offering
 over 20 golf courses all across Thailand with up to 80% discounts.

To use the service, simply download “Golfdigg” from the Thai Apple App Store , find the deal that you like, choose the time slot, amount of players, then pay online with your credit card via payment gateway.
Editorial Thought: Thai Lion Air’s motto is “We Make People Fly”. Golfdigg’s motto is “We make people play golf” In traditional use of the english language, to “make” someone do something is similar to “force” them to do it. To put it simply, as a consumer, it might not perceived as ‘friendly’. Better to say we empower, allow, or give the privilege. Making someone do something sounds more like something you are making them do which they might not choose to do? Anyway – Thai Lion Air has plenty of money to hire a native english writer. Maybe Golfdigg should hire a copywriter so they can help people book last minute deals to play golf. Copywriting aside, this looks like an interesting play on the on-demand services and products that are currently sweeping the startup scene from Silicon Valley to Singapore, and now Thailand. Golfdigg is already in solid position out on the fairway, let’s see if they can get “up and down” for a nice birdie. Best of luck!


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