3 new ways to finance your company in Thailand

Public Financing – Thailand SEC to Allow Foreign Firms to list on SET

Thailand’s securities and exchange commission said on Thursday April 9th 2015 that it will allow foreign firms to launch initial public offerings (IPOs) in the country and list on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, effective immediately.

This is a growing trend for Thailand to establish itself as a center of fundraising for companies in neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam as well as in the Chinese southwestern province of Yunnan.

Private Equity Financing – 500 Startups Launches in Country

There are other fundraising trends of positive note in Thailand. 500 Tuk Tuks – the local branch of 500 Startups has formally launched in the country. Moo Natavudh Pungcharoenpong, founder of Ookbee, is a venture partner and Krating Poonpol who is also a notable tech leader in the country is another venture partner.

Private Debt Financing

The Thai Credit Gaurantee Corp is now making it easier for local Small Market Enterprises (SME’s) to attract debt from banks. Currently it is difficult it is to secure even a small loan from bank for business (despite financial history and size of business) without collateral. This program aims to make the process easier.

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