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Oozou Brings Innovative Ruby on Rails Development to Bangkok

Oozou logoWhen you walk into Oozou offices in the center of Bangkok, you are at a main intersection of the city, on Sukhimvit road, directly across from Terminal 21. However, once stepping inside (after exchanging your ID for a visitor pass), you feel like you are in Silicon Valley—Ruby on Rails developers hacking away at the latest project, a consummate CEO making sure his team is happy, providing the leadership and vision for success.

And over the past few years, Oozou has certainly been a success. Having done applications for the likes of Twitter, 500 Startups, and more.

Thailand Business Leaders
CEO Jan Jones

Sitting in front of a big screen TV with xbox360 and ps3, directly behind us was a pool table. I remarked how Jan must spoil his staff to keep them around.

Jan started off in the finance industry, having experience in several roles including as a quantitative trader before winding up in Thailand, doing what he loves most: coding.

And the code they are writing at Oozou is seriously impressive. From building their own internal apps to managing projects, to working with various funded startups and Fortune 500 companies, the Oozou team has earned significant coding chops. Rumor has it they may start to push out some of their own products this year.

Jan Jones holds court with his right hand man Kelly Kampen – who is the curator of Startup Digest – Thailand Edition. They’re joined by a young and enthusiastic crew of Thai developers.

The company culture at Oozou is based on the ideas of learning and sharing. They’ve implemented some cutting edge ideas such as daily standup meetings and pair programming. They love beautiful, simple, and intuitive design when it comes to web apps, and their preferred platform is Ruby on Rails.

The open-source Ruby framework benefits from being a very speedy and agile framework to use when building new web apps. The community of Ruby on Rails developers is a friendly one that helps provide a systematic and consistent approach to building out web applications. This allows developers to quickly put together working apps that address their client’s business problems rather than getting bogged down by finding new solutions to the same architectural problems from scratch each time.

Oozou likes to think of design from the user’s perspective, and they pride themselves on only sending fully tested software out the door.

One innovative work technique they employ is pair programming. Two engineers will work side by side on the same app, putting their brains together to give extra focus and peer review. The result is better quality code.

They are a seriously impressive team, with a cool office. Anyone looking for a job? They are currently hiring, and seeking these three main roles:

1. Designer

2. Front End Developer

3. Back End Developer

Email Jobs [At] Oozou.com and tell them something about yourself.

Developer in Thailand
Oozou Offices

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