Thai Visa Troubles Making You Sweat? Come Chill Out in the Iglu

The motto at Chiang Mai’s Studio Iglu is “Where cool things happen.” If you’re a developer or web marketer looking for a home base in Thailand, you couldn’t find a better place to work. The studio occupies a large house with a central courtyard surrounded by greenery, not far from Doi Suthep mountain. Powered by an endless supply of espresso, Iglu’s team of developers get to enjoy fast Internet speeds in a spacious office surrounded by a relaxed bunch of fellow “eskimos” from a mix of counties—Finland, Sweden, USA, Czech Republic, Thailand.

The company—founded in 2010 by Finnish entrepreneur Ozzi Jarvinen—is always on the lookout for talented individuals with various skills: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android development, HTML5, PHP, etc.

A Home for Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai

studio-iglu-gardenChiang Mai ranks at the top of the list for cities to live and work remotely from. Digital nomads from all over the world want to come here to enjoy a great lifestyle while working online doing things like freelanced web development and graphic design. The only problem is the difficulty to do so legally and acquire a long-term visa and work permit.

Setting up a Thai company to make their online work legal isn’t feasible for most freelancers due to the restrictions on foreign ownership and requirement of hiring at least 4 Thai staff to secure a work permit for themselves. Since Studio Iglu is set up as a Thailand BOI company, however, they are able to hire a large number of foreign workers and help them acquire non-B visas and work permits to work under Iglu Outsourcing.

What is Iglu Outsourcing?

studio_iglu_officeIglu is similar to a co-working space in a way. They have offices with big screen monitors, high-speed internet, and free coffee. But Iglu also gets long-term visas and work permits—making it legal for you to work in Thailand.

There are two types of clients who work under the Iglu umbrella. The first one is an employee who has arranged a remote work agreement with their employer. In this case the employer pays Iglu, Iglu takes 30% of the “salary” to pay taxes, office expenses, etc., and gives the remaining 70% to the employee.

The other type of client who works under the Iglu umbrella is a freelancer or small business owner who is looking to base in Thailand but doesn’t want to setup their own company. They can use Iglu as a parent company to invoice their clients, Iglu will keep 30% to pay the taxes, office expenses, etc., and give the remaining 70% to the freelancer.

What are the Requirements?

The following is required by the Thailand Board of Investment and/or Iglu of any outsource client:

  • Outsource client must be applying for a position in Software Development, Design, Marketing, Sales or other tech related field.
  • Outsource client must have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field plus 2 years experience in that field, or 5 years experience without a bachelor’s degree.
  • Outsource client must be at least 22 years-old.
  • Outsource client must have his own clients (or be a contractor “employed” by a company outside Thailand).
  • Outsource client must invoice $2500+ per month from his clients.
  • Outsource client must commit to a 1 year contract.

How Can I Apply?

Do you meet the requirements above and think that Iglu Outsourcing would be a good match for you?

Fill in the form HERE to learn more!


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