VenueHub Looking for New Partners in Asia

meeting-roomVenueHub is an online venue booking service that started in Hong Kong and has now moved into Thailand as well. Entrepreneurs looking for a new opportunity might consider partnering with VenueHub as they expand into new countries.

VenueHub started in 2013 in Hong Kong and expanded to Thailand later the same year. They currently list over 150 venues in Hong Kong and 50 in Thailand. The online platform connects venue owners and managers with people looking for the ideal space to host an event. The service lets customers search for a venue by type of event, type of venue, location, number of attendees, and price. Venues can be found for business, entertainment, or personal events including seminars, product launches, birthday parties, weddings, musical performances, and fashion shows.

Since they’ve done well in their first two markets, VenueHub is actively looking for new partners to expand into other Asian countries as franchise owners. The current Hong Kong and Thailand groups will hold a stake in the new ventures, but otherwise the franchise owners will be free to run their VenueHub business in the new market as the primary shareholder. New franchise owners will also hold the rights for operating under the VenueHub name in their country of choice.

Markets being considered are China, Japan, South Korea, and the various countries making up Southeast Asia.

Photo credit: London Hotels Insight / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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